Month: June 2017

Alternative Medication and It’s Good Things

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Alternative Medication and It’s Good Things

When you get sick or any kinds of health problem, the first thing that you are looking for would be

Studies Show People Are Getting Heavier All Over the World

Posted on 13/06/2017 in Health&Medicine by

Many researchers have reported that at least one third population of the world are now obese. According to reports, more

An Affordable Generic Drug Might Be a Miracle for the World Maternal Health

Posted on 13/06/2017 in Research by

Maternal mortality is still one of the biggest world health problems. While it is true that maternal mortality rate has

Truth Behind Natural Cancer Treatment

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Are you wondering about the effective natural cancer treatments? Well, we all know how deadly a cancer is especially for

Tips on Losing Weight when Performing Fasting

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When Ramadan comes, all Muslims are required to perform the fast. Fasting is to endure hunger and thirst, including to