Tips on Losing Weight when Performing Fasting

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Tips on Losing Weight when Performing Fasting

When Ramadan comes, all Muslims are required to perform the fast. Fasting is to endure hunger and thirst, including to hold back from doing bad things. The essence of fasting is to be patient before God Almighty. On the other hand, performing fasting is widely used by people to diet, especially for women. That’s because they are much thought by doing fasting can control the intake of eating so that weight will easily go down. But the facts do not show this fact, because there is also a high potential to gain weight when running fast. Two things that make pomegranate for everyone who wants to run a diet when the month of fasting.

If you want to go on a diet when you do fasting, one thing you should know is that the cause of weight gain is a decrease in weight metabolism and accompanied by less exercise. Coupled with a diet that is all sweet, this is the cause of adding weight that you do not realize. Well here will be explained tips on losing weight when fasting which certainly can be useful for us all. Immediately see the following reviews.
Tips to Lose Your Weight That You Can Try

Avoid Carbohydrates

when fasting many people are thinking that by eating foods that contain lots of carbohydrates can help to withstand hunger until breaking time arrived. However, it is not for people who intend to lose weight when fasting. This will actually make fat deposits in your body and consequently will make your diet program when fasting to fail.

Tips: Multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables to keep the body gets the nutrients that are lost during fasting.

Notice the Breaking Menu

Breaking time is the time that makes the appetite to increase, because it has been holding hunger and thirst for a full day. So, they simply allow themselves to consume all sorts of food and drinks to ease their hunger. It is this habit that makes weight gain. Things you should do best when breaking the fast as much as possible to avoid a diet that contains lots of sugar. To increase energy in your body simply by eating dates and vegetables before eating a heavy meal when breaking the fast. This is a healthy diet that is often recommended by nutritionists to lose weight fast.
Fill In Liquid Feed

Things you should also consider when wanting to lose weight when fasting is to keep fluid intake. According to one study, the body desperately needs fluid intake. Therefore, try to consume water 2 liters per day. In addition, you also avoid drinks that contain caffeine if you want to process your weight loss faster.

Do Sports Regularly

Do Sports Regularly

Doing fasting does not make excuses for you not to do any activity. Do not think that by performing fasting makes you lazy. Keep doing your activities to the fullest and also do exercise every morning. Because it will make you lose weight and certainly will also make your body healthy and fit when undergoing fasting.

One of the sport that can be done when performing fasting is jogging. Jogging or running slowly during fasting is one form of exercise with mild intensity or movement that does not force the body muscles to work too hard. Take advantage of the time after the meal and in the morning to do so. By Jogging in the morning feeling tired and sleepy after meal can be reduced. This happens because the body will burn the calories you already do when dawn later. Leave little time for jogging in the morning.

That is the explanation tips on losing weight when performing fasting that you should know. Hope that this article can change your mind set about fasting and help you to overcome people’s general problem that is being fat after doing fasting.

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