An Affordable Generic Drug Might Be a Miracle for the World Maternal Health

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Maternal mortality is still one of the biggest world health problems. While it is true that maternal mortality rate has significantly reduced compared to two decades ago, it is still far from the target of Millennium Development Goals, which means the number of postpartum death is still very high.

An Affordable Generic Drug Might Be a Miracle for the World Maternal Health

High maternal mortality is a huge problem in poor and developing countries. Almost 90% of the worldwide mortality rate happens in poor countries in Africa and Southern Asia. Even though technology Agen Betting development and medical advancement have provided a safer way for women to give birth, the risk of maternal death is still extremely high due to lack of access to medical treatment.

This is not only a problem for poor and developing countries, though. Maternal mortality is still a huge challenge even for a developed country like the United States. As a matter of fact, maternal death rate is increasing by 20% in 2015 in this country while it is declining in other developed countries.

The World Health Organization as well as many researchers around the world have been trying to come up with a solution for this problem. Among all the trial medicines, there is one that is surging forward and is believed to provide an affordable solution to reduce the world’s maternal mortality rate.

The medicine is called Tranexamic acid. It is a generic drug and it only costs around $2 per dose. Tranexamic acid is popular as a medicine that accelerates blood clotting and in the past years, it is used to save car accident victims and also wounded soldiers.

Based on a journal published in 2010, this medicine has been proven to be effective in stopping hemorrhage during childbirth, which is one of the biggest causes of maternal death. It is effective in controlling bleeding during delivering process as long as the medicine is administered within three hours after the bleeding started.

An Affordable Generic Drug Might Be a Miracle for the World Maternal Health

Currently, the most popular way to treat hemorrhaging is by massaging the uterus as well as injecting oxytocin to shrink the uterus. While those methods are actually effective to stop excessive hemorrhaging, in some more severe cases, they will not be fast enough to stop the bleeding which will put the mother in danger. Tranexamic acid in the other hand, works fast and studies have shown that it can even be used for emergency cases.

One of the best things about this medicine is the fact that it also will help reducing the risks of complication during childbirth. As a result the doctors will not need to perform hysterectomy to save the mother’s lives in case of emergencies. Hysterectomy indeed can save lives in most cases. However, once the womb is removed, the women will forever lose their chance to have another child. This situation can put emotional burden to the women which will lead psychological issue, another health problem that will put their lives at risk.

Tranexamic acid is indeed a promising new medicine that can be a miracle to reduce the rate of maternal mortality. However, at this point more researches still need to be conducted before it can be a part of recommended treatment for hemorrhaging during delivering process.

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