How to Increase Your Odds of Winning Before You Bet?

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How to Increase Your Odds of Winning Before You Bet

My uncle Charlie is a professional gambler in I asked him how he can make a living at gambling. He took a sip of scotch and said, “It’s simple, I never gamble unless I know I can win.” This article takes a look at some of the ways you can increase your odds of winning before you bet.

1. Never bet based on emotion. Too many people bet on the home team or the team of the college they went to. Remember, that this is business. Do your homework and only bet on teams that you have facts to indicate a win. Betting with your heart will break your heart.

2. Just because you want to bet, doesn’t mean you should. The majority of sports bettors bet just for the sake of betting. A reason for placing your bet is critical. Only bet on matches that you believe based on facts, one team has a significant edge and that the edge is not yet reflected in the odds. Hopefully you have reviewed the numbers yourself or have a profitable sports betting system that you follow.

Odds of Winning Before You Bet

3. Use more than one source for your sports line. It may surprise you to see the different lines and odds posted by the different on line sports books. To help you out, you should set up a few different sports book accounts. Once you decide to bet, look at the lines at several sites or books and then choose the one with the best odds. This one technique can give you more of an edge.

4. Don’t bet on nationally televised games. The more people who watch a game, the more feel compelled to bet. It’s like eating a whole bag of chips while watching a game. Were you really hungry or just mindlessly eating? Well, millions of viewers mindlessly bet. The odds makers know this and the odds are usually overblown. Unless you have a compelling reason based on research to bet on a nationally televised game, I suggest you pass.

5. Don’t bet the farm on any match. Amateur gamblers get a strong feeling and bet all the available money they have a one or two matches. Professionals spread the risk over a larger number of bets. This means they will less when they will and lose less when they lose. I’s like buying mutual funds instead of stocks. Be conservative and stay to bet another day.

6. Follow a Profitable Program. This could be the most important rule. If you follow a winning sports betting system and use proper bankroll management, you should ultimately have sports wagering success

There are the tips from my Uncle Charlie. These techniques have served him well over most of a lifetime. I hope they bring you luck too.

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